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About Us

Since 1983 Saratoga County RPC has operated as a §501(c)(3) charity registered in the State of New York.  We have had many people support us and there is no way to express our thanks that seems adequate. We still need your support, anything you can give, can and will help. Please visit our donations page for more information.

Saratoga County RPC has grown into an organization that operates two transitional facilities for homeless veterans. These shelters are meant for those who need it, as a brief sojourn on a veteran’s journey through life.

  • A transitional facility for male veterans was established in Saratoga Springs in 1988. From inception of the homeless shelter we have been at full capacity and now operate a twelve bed facility located at 36 Church Avenue, Ballston Spa, New York.
  • A transitional facility for female veterans was established in Ballston Spa, NY in the fall of 2011. From inception of the homeless shelter idea the surrounding communities have joined together to make the “Guardian House” a success. The facility is located at 1214 Saratoga Road, Ballston Spa, New York and can housing eleven women.

Saratoga County RPC services today includes ongoing management of federally funded (Section 8) rental units in all Saratoga County and are at a level of 164 families being subsidized monthly.

The NYS Department of Social Service’s Homeless Housing and Assistance Program provided construction funding for an eight apartment complex in the Town of Wilton. Occupancy began in January 1991 and houses veterans and their families. This program targets veterans who are homeless about to be homeless or living in substandard shelters. Four additional units were constructed in 1997.

There are many services available to veterans here at Saratoga County RPC. These services are not limited to veterans who reside in the transitional facilities. There are employment and housing services, in addition to these services there is a knowledgeable and experienced staff that can guide a veteran along the correct path to help.


At our core, Saratoga County RPC is about integrity: The integrity of veteran residents, the integrity of staff, and the integrity of our commitment to work tirelessly to improve the lives of veterans and others in the community at large. We assist veterans with both picking up the pieces of their lives and filling in the gaps that public agencies do not address.

Homeless veterans need an interwoven effort that provides a safety net of housing, meals, health care, substance abuse aftercare and mental health counseling. They also need job assessment, training and placement assistance. Our mission at Saratoga County RPC is to offer a continuum of care that includes immediate and long-term housing, treatment and recovery for addiction, food, and clothing, as well as medical, counseling and job-related services.

Because government money for homeless veterans is currently limited and serves only one in 10 veterans in need, it is critical that private groups such as Saratoga County RPC reach out to help provide the support, resources and opportunities most Americans take for granted: housing, employment and health care.

Saratoga County RPC has a record of success, helping veterans get their lives back on track. But to continue providing this critical support to veterans, we need the ongoing support of the community. Make a donation today to help us continue working on our vital mission.